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Globopolis is a FUN and exciting new board game of global territorial and economic domination. This great new "German Style" board game combines both strategy and luck with a high degree of interactivity and flexibility. Globopolis was designed by Michael Lasher to represent the highest levels of (German) production quality and achieve as great a degree of playability and enjoyment to be experienced with almost any board game in production today.

While designing the board game, Michael Lasher aimed to achieve four primary goals. These were:

  1. To create a point based, Global ľopoly board game which seamlessly combined aspects of aggression, or war, as well as economics, based on resources and currency.
  2. To create a board game that would impress through its graphical presentation and overall concept.
  3. To succeed in the almost impossible task of meeting the varied expectations and interests regarding board games of enthusiastic Gamers as well as those of the average family with children as young as about ten and
  4. To create an optimized digital video presentation in web format for a CD to be included with the board game and/or to be viewed at this website which would introduce new players to the game, its concepts and rules in as little as 15 minutes so as to greatly decrease the time, work and, in some cases, frustration, associated with learning the rules of a yet unplayed board game for the consumer. The development of this final concept and its production were unfortunately delayed and were not included in the first production run of Globopolis. The DV presentation however is by no means necessary, yet will eventually be available here at in the near future.

We hope that you will choose to give this great new board game a whirl and experience for yourself just how successfully Globopolis achieves the goals and vision of its designer.