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FAQs about the strategic family board game Globopolis


When I give up 3 CR points for the right to advance my Governor counterclockwise, do I have to do this before, or after I roll the dice?
I apologize for the lack of clarity here. Officially, the rule is to give up the 3 CR points before rolling the dice, but naturally, players are welcome to decide on this one for themselves.

Is rolling the dice to advance the Governor part of the Option or Event phase?
The Option Phase ENDS with the roll of the dice, which is, at the same time, the beginning of the Event Phase. The mention of the possibility to roll one, two or three six-sided dice under Options refers to the consideration of where to attempt to steer the Governor and the choice of how many dice to roll.

Should the Guild Stock be replenished after the R-Units have been depleted?
No. The one time allocation of water and energy to the Guilds is meant to be the supply for one game.

Is there a limit to how many OPs and INFLUENCE cards one can use during an aggression scenario?

Why are Canada and the United States not in the same quadrant?
It just turned out that way.

Why are Alaska, Nunavet and the Core Energy Guild not next to one another?
The Core Energy Guild was established in Ecuador. That is why it is among the South American group. Alaska and Nunavet are the franchises of the Core Energy Guild and are not in the same geographic region as Ecuador. Notice that Alaska is between the United States and Russia, and Nunavut is near Sweden. Hear I have to admit, that the positions of Sweden and Norway on the board should be switched. I realised this for the first time when writing the answer to this question.

Is there a limit to how many times a player can roll again to advance their Governor on one turn?
The official rule is when landing on a card field (INFLUENCE or OPs-MISSION) after having already rolled twice on a turn, players may take a card, but not roll and advance a third time on the same turn. However, when landing on an O.R.S.S. base, the NSA or NIA fields, or their own Territory after already having rolled twice on a turn, players may still roll again nontheless, since it is not expressly forbidden in the rules. Players should choose for themselves whether the number of rolls of the dice to advance the Governor should always be limited to two, or perhaps three for that matter, per turn, or whether the luck of the dice and where the Governor lands should be the deciding factor.

Other Rule Clarifications from Aaron of Westpark gamers in Munich

FAQs about the strategic family board game Globopolis