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Introducing Globopolis, the new German style strategy boardgame for the family and hardcore gamers alike!

Globopolis is a highly interactive board game of territorial acquisition, economic development and aggressive takeover. Imagine a Global-opoly board game, with aspects of Risk and resources. Throw in MISSION, OPs and INFLUENCE cards that players tactically employ against one another at opportune times for that surprise “Trump” effect, and a unique and highly praised mechanic to take over opponents' territories using 10, 8 and multiple 6-sided dice - and you begin to get the idea. Add in Network Infiltration Agents for a slightly more complex level of play and employ some of the numerous rule variations as you like, and you’re hooked! Globopolis does have a lot to it, and that’s what makes it so much FUN! For families and hardcore gamers alike, Globopolis is a board game that enthusiasts can play countless times and still have a great time with over and over again, because every game is surprisingly different from the last!

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